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Managing the revenue cycle is the most crucial challenge facing a healthcare organization today. It's a high-stakes process that involves every department and every aspect of your operations, made more difficult by the pressures of dealing with multiple payers, complex reimbursement methodologies, regulatory issues, increasing consumer demands, and overextended organizational resources. While the administrative costs maintain an upward spiral, the number of uninsured patients continues to increase putting additional pressures on maintaining healthy revenues and cash flow. The need to be socially responsible has also made it mandatory to cut costs and improve efficiencies so that the additional burden is not required to be passed on to the patients. RevenueXL Inc. has been established with the objective of meeting these challenges faced by our customers. We help our customers in providing acceleration to their healthcare revenue streams.

RevenueXL is a business process management and business process outsourcing company with a difference. We are a US based Corporation and very focused on being the very best in the vertical that we operate in - healthcare. We do not merely tweak your business processes, we help you to transform them in order to provide significant revenue gains. We do not simply outsource your business processes, we work with you to build a customized global delivery model that will work for your specific situation. Moreover, our operations processes, productized solutions, and extensive training provided by our Center of Excellence allow us to offer exceptional services at very attractive prices to our customers.

We believe in providing local presence while maintaining a global delivery capability, a combination that offers our customers the benefit of localized control combined with the advantage of low cost and high quality. An experienced management team based in US  helps bring the consistency in global service delivery. Our global delivery model reduces risks and delivers high quality service and scalability at lower costs by leveraging global work force and innovative cost models.

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