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Quality Initiatives

Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking

As a critical contributor to its success, RevenueXL is passionately wedded to the letter and spirit of superior Quality Assurance. This commitment is echoed across all echelons of management to become "a way of life", besides something to consciously strive for. The primary objective of Quality Assurance is to guarantee that well defined, time tested, processes are being followed, adhered to and constantly optimized to ensure defect free results.

To ensure that quality levels are met consistently, personnel from both quality and production work collectively to review and monitor the quality levels. Weekly reporting of quality metrics achieved is provided to both groups, and training scheduled where necessary. Incentives are provided to select employees demonstrating continual improvement in quality and productivity metrics. Team performance, customer feedback, and quality metrics are accessible to the entire organization via our Intranet. Team leads and Managers use this information to monitor productivity and quality to maintain a high level of service and efficiency.

We are committed to using Six Sigma business methodology to eliminate error and risk, aid communication and reduce the cost of change in client engagements.

Some of the quality assurance practices followed by our operations, Quality Assurance and HR teams include:

  • Psychometric tests for selection of ‘Right Fit’ employees
  • Initial soft skills and process training for all agents prior to commencement of production work
  • Monthly training, Certification and De-certification tests
  • Shadow processing for all new employees (every transaction monitored by the Supervisor/Trainer) for first week
  • Post quality assessments of completed work based on random sampling
  • Bi-weekly quality review meetings to discuss various quality concerns
  • Quarterly Process audits
  • HIPAA briefings as needed
  • Bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Review Plan
  • A web-based knowledge base to serve as a repository of expertise
  • Tracking rejections and cash flow
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