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Global Services
Can you relate to the following challenges?
  • Coding errors resulting in wastage of resources, time and money
  • Billing errors, insurance underpayments, denials and bad debt account for a high percent of lost revenue each year.
  • Cash flow variations due to errors, long turnaround times, quality
  • High attrition resulting in high retention, hiring and training costs
  • Increase in the number of uninsured or self-pay patients and Account Receivables older than 90 days
RevenueXL provides you with a best practice delivery model that revolves around “Global Delivery Operations”. We recognize that outsourcing is a good way to cut costs significantly, but only up to the proposal and assessment stage. However, these savings get offset during implementation by inefficiencies arising from transition risks, communication gaps or simply lower employee productivity. We work with you to develop a plan whereby, if need be, you get to continue working with your best talent.
We accomplish this using the concept of Global Teams. They are a virtual extension of your team based on the concept of using the most efficient workforce available globally. In choosing the location to serve you, we look at your specific needs, compliance regulations, risk mitigation strategies and availability of business, technical and soft skills required for performing these services.

Benefits of our solution:

  • Increase collections and accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce Days in A/R
  • Enhanced revenue and decreased operational costs
  • Significant rate of return
  • Increase the probability of payment through timely follow up
  • Customer retention
  • Reduction in recruitment and training costs
  • Improved accuracy and consistency
  • Improved recovery rate with lower denial rate
  • Quick turnaround in upstream revenue cycle
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