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EMR Creation/Medical Transcription
RevenueXL possesses high-tech infrastructure and resources to provide a complete solution for medical transcription and health information management. Our service applies sophisticated data processing technology to the management of medical information.
  • Highly advanced information management, reporting, billing and querying.
  • Voice capture through direct dialing, access to a client system or handheld devices.
  • Customized dictation prompts and formats down to the physician level.
  • Export/Import interface with other systems such as Dictaphone and Lanier.
  • Upload of reports into diverse client systems using HL-7 standards.
  • Transmission of reports via FTP or Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Automated faxing/printing of reports at the client site.
  • Frequently updated electronic references and drug lists.
We are committed to delivering innovative services that go beyond what health information professionals expect.

Our team of professionals uses sophisticated software, tools and methods to maximize productivity. The resulting savings are passed to our clients. Automated management reports, faxing, printing and routing of work are easily handled in addition to direct access to your Health Information Management (HIM) system to upload report in HL-7 format or any format that you may choose.


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