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Denial Processing

We have deployed a sophisticated Denial Processing solution at our Global delivery center. This solution captures all your claims, payments and denials. Our solution utilizes an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to address your denial management issues and enables us to develop an effective denial management plan and a customized strategy for your organization.

As part of this service, we have seasoned MBAs and Doctors based at our delivery facilities in India who follow a well defined process to smash administrative denials like an unwanted internet pop-up advertisements. Some of the key steps we take in this direction include:

  • Continuously update denials database
  • Identify root causes of denials and address these denial trends
  • Provide feedback to the Coding & Billing team
  • Utilize denial data to customize reports
  • Provide you with inputs to review managed care agreements to prevent denials
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with payers to avoid denied claims
    Help implement a payer accountability program
  • Consult with your key team members to collect substantiating information for filing appeals
  • File Appeals with Payers


  • Improved cash flow
  • Increased revenue


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